Smart investments are informed investments.

Real estate investing is a numbers game, which means there’s always inherent risk involved. Regardless, you still need to feel confident that you’re making an educated investment with as few risks as possible.

As property investors ourselves, we get that. After 20 years of investing and helping others do the same, we’ve developed a system that can help you find the most suitable and promising investment properties for your lifestyle, timing, budget, and goals. Learn more about Arizona Communities.

It’s different for everybody.

By customizing your property search, we immediately minimize several risks that just aren’t worth taking. We always start with a set of specific questions designed to tell us exactly what your priorities are such as long term value, cash flow, ease of management and tax strategy. This knowledge will guide us through the duration of this process.

We dig deep.

Now, we start digging. We research investment properties that are directly in line with your management and location goals and we look for the details that others may miss, like scheduled future projects that threaten to rezone surrounding property, or neighborhood statistics and school ratings, to name a few.

Actionable information.

It’s easy to go into analysis paralysis when it comes to real estate, which is why our process includes a way to present our findings in a format that actually makes sense. Our goal is to ensure that there’s no confusion, no gaps in information, and no misunderstandings.

Our proven method reduces risks and allows us to find the safest investment opportunities for you and your unique situation. We’re successful because we understand the value and importance of creating customized solutions.

Protecting your valuable time.

With over 20 years of personal investment experience, we’ve learned the hard way that a ‘good deal’ isn’t always good for us. A deal can look technically good in writing and on a spreadsheet, but not be a good fit for our current personal circumstances.

And now we can pass that hard-earned knowledge on to you.

We’ll help you determine if the cost to maintain a property in both time and hard costs. What may look good at initial glance may pose real strains when it comes to time or cash flow when examined closer.  Realistically, we may find that it’s nothing more than a ‘break-even property’, if not worse. After factoring in vacancy rates, repairs, and the unpredictable nature of tenants, there may not even be enough profit from month-to-month to justify the risks.  We factor in all of these variations (because it’s not a matter of ‘if’ these issues come up but ‘when’) then you can decide if the property is the right fit for your current or long term goals.

Real relationships. Real information.

Whether the numbers are good or not, we’re still going to show you. When you become our client, our priority is to present the data you need to see, not just the data you want to see. Sometimes, the two are very different.

It’s the data that you need to see that really counts. That’s the data that’s going to be honest and direct. That’s the data that’s going to show you whether you’re making a good investment or not. And that’s the data we give you so that you can make an informed decision, whether it benefits us or not.

We’ve got you and we mean it.

It’s an unfortunate truth that in this industry, it far too common for investors to end up picking up the slack for their realtors. Not with us, ever.

We understand the value of your time, and we’re on a mission to establish trust with you right from the beginning. It’s the only way to make this process work. We make communication with our clients a top priority, starting with our very first conversation.

We hold weekly calls so we can stay on track and continue to answer all of your questions. It’s a way for us to reboot after each busy week, circle back to the details, and make sure you have everything you need from us. You’ll never be left in the dark about your investments and we’ll never forget what you’re working for.

What is my Home Worth?